Ramaz/KJ Career Initiative

Job Search and Networking


The Goals Of This Initiative Are:
    • Provide job search coaching, resume creation and networking assistance
    • Construct a targeted and compelling personal marketing plan and job search strategy
    • Connect the Ramaz/KJ professional community
    • Help businesses and individuals succeed in a challenging economic environment
    • Expand existing resources and formalize networking efforts with the aid of volunteers from all industry backgrounds
    How It Works: 
    • Office Hours Program:  

    With the help of committed volunteers, we connect professionals with coaches in their industry who can offer them career guidance, business advice and referrals during one-on-one private coaching sessionsCoaches assist job seekers with planning and implementing a robust and productive job search using the best tools available.

    • Create a powerful, concise resume and marketing message
    • Develop market insight on specific industries and construct targeted job searches
    • Develop networking skills and network both inside and outside the Ramaz/KJ community

    This program is intended for people in transition as well as anyone who would benefit from helpful feedback from knowledgeable professionals in his/her industry.  Mentors define their time and resource commitments in advance so volunteers can distribute networking/mentoring requests appropriately.

    • Career Coaching and Networking Events:
    Professional career coaches offer seminars in resume writing, how to access networks and other topics in career development. Industry events provide additional networking opportunities.
    • Professional Career Networking Forum and Information Exchange:
    The Ramaz Alumni-KJ Family Career Network is a secure internet forum where members can share information, post job leads or ask for career advice and assistance.  By joining the network, you gain access to the wealth of business and professional knowledge and resources available in the community.  E-mails can be received from the network in daily or weekly digests to streamline communications.

    All members of the Ramaz/KJ Community are eligible to join the network.  This includes KJ members and participants of our community outreach programs (beginners and intermediate services), Ramaz alumni, parents and staff.

    To join the network, please Fill out an online Member Profile.  Your information will be added to our database.  Then go to the Ramaz Alumni - KJ Family Career Network and click on the "Join this Group" button.  Please add your name and KJ or Ramaz affiliation to the membership application.

    Volunteers and Job Seekers: Get Involved In Our Initiative!
      • If you're looking for help, one of our volunteer members will reach out to you.
      • If you're a volunteer, we'll reach out to you with ways you can assist the initiative.