Ramaz/KJ Career Initiative

In a famous passage, Maimonides describes the eight levels of charity:  

There are eight levels of tzedaka, each greater than the next. The greatest level, above which there is no other, is to strengthen the name of another Jew by giving him a present or loan, or making a partnership with him, or finding him a job in order to strengthen his hand until he needs no longer [beg from] people. For it is said, "You shall strengthen the stranger and the dweller in your midst and live with him," {Leviticus XXV:35} that is to say, strengthen him until he needs no longer fall [upon the mercy of the community] or be in need” *

In pursuit of this goal, the Ramaz/KJ community provides career, job search and business development resources to its members


 Upcoming Events

The goals of this initiative are to: 
  • Provide job search coaching, resume creation and networking assistance
  • Construct a targeted and compelling personal marketing plan and job search strategy
  • Connect the Ramaz/KJ professional community
  • Help businesses and individuals succeed in a challenging economic environment
  • Expand existing resources and formalize networking efforts with the aid of volunteers from all industry backgrounds 
The Ramaz Alumni-KJ Family Career Network is a secure internet forum where members can share information, post job leads or ask for career advice and assistance. By joining the network, you gain access to the wealth of business and professional knowledge & resources available in the community.
Ways to use the network: 
  • Job Search: Post your job search requirements, outline your skills & experience and ask for job leads, networking advice, etc.
  • Job Openings: Post your job openings or positions you know about. Solicit submissions from suitably experienced and talented individuals within the community
  • Career Networking and Assistance: Pose business related questions and requests for advice to the other network members
A listing of job sites, recruiter home pages, networking resources and career development resources (resume preparation, interviewing skills, etc.), also Jewish oriented and community based career resources.
Scheduled networking events, seminars and meetings organized by the Ramaz/KJ Career development Initiative.

*Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Mat’not Ani’im (laws of gifts to the poor) chapter 10: Halacha 7